Dear Prospective Partner,

One of the most notable results of our ever-changing and accelerating world is the specialization of labour. Previously, one person dealt with an entire process from beginning to end, and comprised a single production unit by completing all tasks by himself. However, the proliferation of mass production has incentivized faster and much more efficient ways of implementing each work stage. At least one thing, however, has not changed: people prefer when all roles and tasks are concentrated in the hands of one entity resulting in a turnkey solution that satisfies all our demands. At metALCOM, we provide such turnkey solutions in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, energetics operations and maintenance and civil works. From planning to execution, operations and maintenance, we are ready to provide a full range of services to our clients.


Our company was founded in 1999, and in fields as dynamic as energetics andtelecommunications, experience is a key in building strong relationships and forginga reliable image. In order to retain our partners’ trust and to expand our clientele,however, it is not sufficient to simply keep pace withchallenges and developmentsin our field. As an industry leader, it is our responsibility to develop new andground-breaking tools to improve our efficiency and develop ourselves,our environment, our country and the entire world. Therefore, we at metALCOMalways strive for novelty: to innovate and rethinkthe accepted ideas in our fields.We thus deliver future-proofsolutions to our partners – among whom we hope tosoon count you as well.


Zoltán Bozó

Chair of the Board (COB) - metALCOM PLC.


Over the past two decades by continuously developing and adapting to the evolving demands of telecommunication operators, metALCOM has established a strong and significant presence in the Hungarian telecommunication market as a leadingturnkey solutionprovider.

Initially, our main field of activity covered only base station and transmission technology installations for telecommunication carriers. Over the years, we have established thousands ofmicrodatalinks and the professional experience we have gained during these years has enabled us to get involved in the installation of complex telecommunication networks. Today, our presence is significant in the fields of large and medium sized micro datalink systems and system integration as well as optical cable network installation in Hungary.


Our offices are located in Szentes and Budapest.

The company has matrix organisational structure with teams dedicated to and organised by projects. There are project managers, engineers, designers and static experts in each team. The principle philosophy of the company is delivering complexturnkey solutionsand this is what renders us attractive to our customers. Our strengthis the management of priority projects in which we provide the financial and technical background and the know-how not only when it comes to telecommunications but also within the fields of IT, energetics, civil engineering and operations and maintenance.


By simultaneously focusing our attention to the tasks on hand and to the upcoming challenges, we continuously improve ourselves to fulfil aspirations and requirements of the future and conduct our core business activities in a sustainable manner. Therefore, we dedicate particular attention to Research and Development.


We do believe that our sitemap serves as a compass for our company and creates a long-term path for our business. We endeavour to put all our aspects of business and experience into action through our partners’ superior quality products and our own Research and Development programmes day by day while tackling business challenges of the future and continuing to achieve sustainable growth and deliver high-standard turnkey services to our partners. We do strive for continuous development and motivated to be a broadly recognised prominent company within and beyond our borders.

While the company’s commitment is to nurture long-term partnerships and to link customers to carriers by meeting the diversified needs of the market and by discovering new market segments, we must not forget about the next generation either.Anticipating the future is serious responsibility. For us at metALCOM, it is really important to invest in the future and make our environment a better place to live in – and not just today, but also for all our loved ones whom we are returning to at the end of the day. This is the main reason why we feel strong involvement in corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, education, sports and preserving our heritage.We are governed by the ‘think globally, act locally’ principle throughout our path.